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Who's the Fox?

Every memorable design is created by Kelly Stanford, the founder of Fox Flora.


My background is in marketing and design but it was always my plan to retire to become a florist by the sea. After having my daughter, corporate life left me feeling disillusioned and disconnected and I sought nature and flowers as a way to reconnect with myself and the world around me.

After a chance meeting with another floral designer, I felt totally inspired to fast track my retirement plan. It was an awakening. I described being on the edge of something, wanting to leap. For the first time, I was listening to my authentic self.

There has not been a waking moment since that I have not thought about flowers and connecting with my authentic self.


I pour every part of my being into each and every design and I’m grateful that you are part of my journey.

Occasionally, I share my love of flowers and power of their remedy for mental health in workshops. Get in touch to or join our waiting list to find out more.

Kelly Stanford, Fox Flora

But who is the Fox?

Okay…  The Fox is actually my husband, David; the “silver fox”, who has been grey since we met when he was 26. Back then, I told him that if I ever became a florist by the sea, it would be called Fox and Flora; he the Fox, I the Flora.

We are a three these days, plus our cockerpoo Ron. Molly, our daughter and sometimes floristry assistant, likes to be called Flora when helping with flowers, when she refers to me as Fox.

And so it began, the story of Fox Flora. 

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